Himalayan Expeditions

Mt Everest

Mt Everest is the highest peak with the world; it has 2 climbing faces North Col from China side and South Col from Nepal. The ascent via the southeast ridge begins with a trek to Base Camp on the south side of Everest in Nepal. Camp I is above the ice fall, and from Camp I, climbers make their way up the Western Cwm to the base of the Lhotse face, where Camp II. From Camp II climbers ascend the Lhotse face on fixed ropes up to Camp III, located on a small ledge. From there, it is another 500 meters to Camp IV on the South Col.

Himalayan Range : Nepal
Altitude : 8848 Meters
Grade : Challenging
Type : Technical
Duration : 60 days
Fixed Departure : March-April-May
Cost for Indian National : INR 1900000
Minimum Experience : Basic Course

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